Monday, October 20, 2008

Williamson County District Attorney Out of Touch with the Rest of the Region

Grits for Breakfast denounced Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley's assertion in the Statesman article that the Citation Option will in any way decriminalize charges included in the new law. It will do so no more than a citation decriminalizes a traffic offense. Thank you, Grits! Implementation of the Citation Option is law enforcements' choice anyway, Mr. District Attorney, not the prosecutor's.

All the court and law enforcement professionals from around Central Texas agreed, when they convened last month, on two things:

1. the Citation Option will have a positive impact, and
2. law enforcement CAN implement this law without permission from the prosecutor.

Check out the minutes in our October 17 post below.


Anonymous said...

Are you telling us that Williamson County law enforcement agencies were in attendance at this meeting?

Deb said...

Yes. John Bradley was not there, however, as he shouldn't be, because he has no legal say in implementing the citation option.

At least two law enforcement agencies in WilCo are looking at implementing the option, and none have said they are opposed. Mr. Bradley's recent statements in the Statesman saying otherwise were simply false.

Deb said...

We now have up the attendees of the Sept. 4th meeting.