Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Citation Option Report Released Today!

Millions Wasted Every Year as Public Safety is Compromised

Today at noon, we released a report that illustrates how at the apex of the budgeting cycle, and as police union officials negotiate for their labor contract with the City, we don't need more officers. By prioritizing how police respond to offenses, we can save money and improve public safety by keeping officers on the street to address Austin's most serious public safety needs.

Chief Acevedo should keep APD officers, who make about $90,000/yr. average before bonuses, busy solving our serious crime problems. It turns out that 37% of all Austin Police Department (APD) arrests qualify for the Citation Option! In the meantime, APD is only clearing 42% of the violent crimes in Austin, and 12% of our property crimes.

High arrest numbers allow APD to compete for money from the federal government and bargain for more money from Austin taxpayers in their labor contract.

Please send Chief Acevedo an email or call him and ask him to implement the Citation Option now! We will update you here as the situation develops.


Bill Holloway said...

This is about federal bucks to APD. That's why the emphasis on marijuana arrests. If they go soft on weed, feds will start pulling money.

Burt said...

Can you cite your source stating where APD officers on average get paid 90k a year before taxes? I checked their website and you have to be pretty high up to get that kind of money, the guys on the streets are making less than 50k.

As for marijuana arrests from personal experience a person getting arrested for "marijuana"
is usually committing more than one offense for example he/she has a suspended drivers license, warrants for their arrest and the beloved "one joint" people claim.
They are arrested for the license,warrants and the marijuana. There is no ticket that will allow you to release a person for all those offenses.
How many of these people getting "arrested" for a "single joint" are legitimately only committing the one offense?